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3 Tools to Create Great Copy

Tools play an important role in almost any type of job. They not only make you be more organised, but also increase your productivity. An experienced plumber uses a number of different tools such as a wrench or a selection of screwdrivers to complete their assignments. Similarly, a copywriter needs to use ‘tools’ for any project, even though they are not tangible, but principles needed to be followed to attain clarity as well as consistency. Four of the most useful ones are presented and discussed below.

1-Create Personas

Consumers are exposed to a countless number of advertisements every day. TV commercials, radio ads, website banners, billboards, brochures and many more. Therefore, when you write your copy it has to convey a message that breaks the message all of that marketing clatter and trigger the recipient to take certain call of action. How can you ensure that your message engages with potential customers then? Your initial step before start writing is to identify and understand your target audience. To organise your thoughts, try creating a detailed ‘Persona’ including various information about demographic characteristics and information about their interests, personality and lifestyle. In this way, you the ‘Persona’ will help you to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ values, problems, fears and joys. You can then adapt your message to address their needs directly.

2-Forget the Features

There is not a business owner in the world who has not faced the features vs benefits dilemma. Most of them decide what business to start based on what they are good at and like or what they assume customers will buy. Often those latter assumptions are correct, but business owners also assume that why consumers should purchase the product or service because they have been told about it. Thus, they only communicate the features of their goods to prospects, neglecting to mention the benefits. In other words, when you try to promote the features, you are making the customer do all the hard work to figure out why they want to proceed the purchase. Instead, the work needs to be in the writer’s interest to draw the connection for them. To do so, benefits should be emphasised. The best way to understand the true benefit of your product or service is to answer the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ When someone chooses a VCR with a self-setting clock, the assumption is that the benefit is convenience, but the actual results are that they don't have to read the instructions. Those results are the true benefits.

3-What is Tone of Voice?

Tone of voice is how the character of your business comes through in your words, both written and spoken. It’s not about what you say, but rather the way that you say it, and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears you. Like everyone you meet has their own way of expressing themselves that’s as unique as their face or fingerprint. Some say so much with just a few words while others never seem to get to the point. Companies are no different. Thus, it is about using language to give your brand its own distinct and recognizable voice. All the content you produce should have the same tone of voice. When your tone is consistent, your audience hears the same person speaking whenever and however they deal with you. That shows them you’re a consistent, reliable company to deal with, and that every part of their experience with you will be equally good.

Do you feel more confident with your copywriting work now? If you have any questions or need help on how to create copies which bring action contact us on or 07818741949.

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