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Meet Lefteris,

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When I was a kid, I used to have two big dreams. The first was to become a goalkeeper and play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Due to a back injury, I had to stop playing for a while and consequently forget my first dream and focus on my second; to work with words. At high school, I was actively participating in the school’s newspaper as a writer and editor writing about sports and the local news. As a university student, I was writing for sport websites which has also helped me to build my skills and stay determined to pursue my dream. After finishing my Bachelor studies in Business Administration, I continued my studies with my Masters, studying Advertising & Marketing at Leeds University Business School, one of the Marketing courses in the UK. Having always been proactive a had the initiative to set up my own business to apply the theory to practice. Starting with no clients, but with drive to succeed, I started doing networking which had been proved vital as I managed to find my first client through it. That was the kick off of my copywriting career and since then I have been involved in various small and big projects.


I feel confident with people in business and words which prompt customers take action.


Call me. I will spend time with you if:


  • You need insights about your customers and competitors

  • You need a consistent tone of voice

  • You need pure ideas to stand out.

  • You need potent copies.

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